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Hey! My name is Huzaifa Shaikh, and I am the Founder of this website (https://ushealths.net/)

I am an engineering student from India;


I love fitness and health talks, and I have been writing since 2019 on health and fitness.

Also, I am a part-time gym trainer just because I love fitness.

I lost 35 pounds and then gained 30 pounds of muscle to understand weight loss and weight gain more deeply.

And I want to share my experience and tips through my blog UsHealths.net

If you want to know my whole story then sit back and keep reading till the end.

Who am I? and how I started my fitness journey?


Let’s go back to the past (in my childhood).

The first time I fell in love with fitness was when I saw my uncle posing on stage, the state champion of bodybuilding at that time.

And I was like five years old at that time, and my uncle had a gym back then.

So, I used to go there and see many people who used to lift really heavy weights.

And I was like, “damn! how can someone lift this much weight” and it looked soo f**king cool. Then I decided to become a bodybuilder just like my uncle.

Though I wanted to lift weights at that age, my uncle didn’t allow me; he said, “if you start lifting weights now, then your height will stop growing”.

And because of this fear, I didn’t do anything, but soon when I was in 7th class, I eventually started lifting weights.

I used to do some basic exercises with 5 pounds dumbles.

And after a few months, my uncle allowed me to do bench presses, squats and deadlifts with very light weights.

And sadly, when I was gaining strength, we shifted our house to another location, and from there, my uncle’s gym was too far.

So I stopped working out.

But soon, when I was in mid of my 8th class again, I started working out in a nearby gym.

I can’t explain how much I fell in love with the gym then; the gym is like home for me, and I can’t explain what I feel when I am in the gym.

Next year in class 9th, I took gym seriously and started working out with professional bodybuilders. I worked hard and never missed a single day for almost six months.

I started seeing results, and my body got in some shape.

Here is how I looked at that time:

And here comes the worst part,

Because I was focusing on the gym rather than on my studies, I was getting bad grades in school. My teacher complained to my parents as I constantly talked about the gym with my classmates.

So my father gave me a very very very big lecture on it, but he said you can continue your gym after the 10th board exams.

And in this time period, I gained a lot of weight and got out of shape,

Here is how I looked: 

And as soon as my board papers were over, I got into the gym and started working out really hard.

I weighed around 89 kg (196 lbs).

I used to watch many youtube videos, read blog posts, try to find the best exercises, diets, and supplements, test what was working best for me, which exercise was best, etc.

The first thing I did was cut out my fat intake and take a high protein calorie deficit diet, and I also used to drink a lot of water.

I used to do cardio for 30 minutes before my intense workout with 5 minutes of break.

And then my 1-hour intense workout.

After 4-5 months, I weighed around 69kgs (152), meaning I lost 20kgs (44lbs) in 5 months.

Here is how I looked:

But I wasn’t satisfied with my muscle size. I wanted to get bigger and bigger, so I decided to bulk (gain weight/muscle).

And I gained over 13kgs (28lbs) of weight.


With this, my strength was also increasing rapidly. Sadly, I got addicted to ego lifting, which ended my whole bodybuilding career.

If you, too, got the same issue with ego lifting, please don’t do it; it will only hurt you, not benefit you.

I used to bench 100kgs, squat 130kgs and deadlift 180kgs at that age, but what ended my bodybuilding career?

Leg press,

(old video of mine hitting 400kg)

Yes! because I was hitting 500kgs (1100lbs) on the leg-press machine, which got me in trouble.

The leg press machine was not the actual problem,

The actual problem was my bike accident, in which I got direct hit by another bike handle on my left kidney, which started to pain very intensely.

Soon I recovered from it and started working out again, and the day I did 500kgs on the leg-press machine was the last day of my gym.

The weight triggered that pain in my kidney, and the doctor suggested resting for a few years.

But when I thought I was ready to get back in the gym, my lower back started paining suddenly, and after a few times, my shoulder also started paining.

It was all because of my ego-lifting to impress people in the gym.

After learning many things from my past mistakes, I now avoid them and advise them to other young ones.

And this is how I end up becoming a part-time gym trainer and a health writer.

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