Is diet coke gluten free? I suffer from celiec disease [2023]


Is diet coke gluten free?


That’s the one-word answer to your question, but if you are on weight loss and suffer from celiac disease, I know you might have many more questions in your mind.

So if you want to know more about diet coke, then continue reading this article,

And I promise that you will get the answer to every possible question popping into your head, so let’s start.

Is diet coke gluten free? deep talk

When I was researching on the internet, about is diet coke really gluten free.

I did find an official statement from coca-cola Australia,

And there they clearly mentioned that ingredients used in coca-cola do not contain gluten at all, and if you want,

Then you can go and check the ingredients yourself on their official site (coca-cola Australia)


I didn’t find any professional experiment on the internet showing that diet coke or coke zero is gluten free.

I was curious to find an exact answer to this question,

So I did some more research, and then I found a nine-year-old YouTube video where this lady did a gluten test on diet coke. (Video given below)

And the result was negative,

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Which means,

According to her test, the diet coke or coke zero is 100% gluten-free, so after spending a lot of time researching on the internet and trying to find an exact final answer.

(#Opinion) Considering official statements, peoples review, and this test, I can say that yes, diet coke or coke zero is absolutely gluten free,

And now if anything is disturbing you; then it can be an artificial sweetener that set you off or maybe something else you ate that day

Can celiacs drink diet coke?


As we discussed above about “is diet coke gluten free” and found that diet coke is gluten free, and that’s what we need for celiacs, gluten free!!

So If you are a celiac patient then yes diet coke is safe for you

Is caffeine free diet coke gluten free?

Yes, caffeine free diet coke is gluten free as mention on the official site of coca-cola (Great Britain).

Here they have clearly mentioned that non of their drinks contain gluten, and if you are more concerned then you should consult to your doctor first

Is diet cherry coke gluten free

Again yes, diet cherry coke is also gluten free as coca-cola mentioned that non of their drinks contains gluten

Is diet coke gluten and dairy free?

Yes, according to diet coke doesn’t contain dairy

Is diet coke with lime gluten free?

Again yes, diet coke with lime is gluten free, as described by coca-cola

Is mcdonalds diet coke gluten free?

ofcorse! yes diet coke’s do not contains gluten whether you purchase it from outside or have it in Mcdonalds


In conclusion, firstly, we all now know that diet coke is totally gluten-free, as mentioned by the official site of coca-cola.

They also claim that none of their drinks contains gluten. But if you have any concerns, then you should consider consulting your doctor.

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